©Jon Frickey


Julian Adam Pajzs – guitar, bass synth
Valentin Schuster – drums

A song about milk turns into a nightmarish death metal joyride with a life battery strapped to the side of a vocoder. This doesnt’t bother the girl who advertises the drug of the future because she is being pushed into Dixie Flatline’s MS-DOS jungle.

But maybe you are like Molly, who fancies nice pocket piano music, although you would rather play „rock-paper-scissors“ with Helmet?

Or even worse, you have no idea what all that means? Don’t worry, Powdered Toast Man is watching over you with a Melvinish grin from the rooftops of Chiba City.

PeroPero’s charismatic on-stage communication and their unique blend of styles and influences create an extremely vivid electronic rock performance that moves both feet and brain.

Go and see them live.

„… the latest future-rock experience from Berlin.“